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    Hacked By BALA SNIPER

    HaCkeD by BALA SNIPER HaCkeD By BALA SNIPER Long Live to peshmarga KurDish HaCk3rS WaS Here Contact me For Fix Problem Website ! More

  • Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies of AllTime

    10. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Gross: $1,091,405,097 Director Michael Bay was set against making a 4th Transformers movie, until he saw fans queuing for 3 blocks to go on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios. Changing his mind, he got a 165 million dollar budget and made a 165 minute-long film.   He also […] More

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    Are you sure your wordpress blog is 100% safe from hackers?

    Most of the new bloggers(including myself) are so eager to get started and churn out content that they sometime make a huge mistake of neglecting their blog’s safety. Most of us become a victim and then learn the importance the hard way.I,myself used to handle wordpress websites for few companies and installed a plugin which […] More

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    How Can I Get A Triple or Quad Monitor Setup For Free

    For folks using a dual monitor setup and looking to add one more monitor,this guide will show you how you can add an extra monitor without no or very small price. For office work,i wanted to add one more monitor to my system without choosing a high end GPU as i don’t use the system […] More

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    Awesome Brand New Gaming Desktop Under Rs. 30,000 -India (Amazon/Flipkart)

    With the market flooded with so many PC components,you might feel overwhelmed at times.In this post i will help you guys building an awesome gaming rig under Rs. 30,000.To kick off things on a funny note All the parts will be brand new,however ¬†there are many amazing deals on used products if you want to […] More

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